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We are Commercial Property Solicitors. A new business venture can involve taking a lease, a tenancy arrangement, or entering into a business purchase or sale arrangement. We assist both landlords and tenants. As well as sellers and purchasers to navigate through complex and lengthy documents.

Main areas of practice

We can provide expert specialist advice on:-

  • Business Leases – including preparing a lease for a landlord. Additionally, advising tenants of the terms of a lease. We also negotiate terms for both parties.
  • Security of Tenure advice – many leases exclude security of tenure meaning the right to occupy will end at the end of the term. We advise tenants and landlords of the advantages and disadvantages of including/excluding security of tenure.
  • Business sale and purchase agreements – if you are purchasing or selling a business, the terms of the agreement should be included within a contract. We assist sellers and purchasers with the preparation and execution of the documents.
  • Deeds of variation, Licence, assignment – situations arise where tenants or landlords wish to vary the terms of a lease or transfer lease to another occupier. We prepare these documents for both landlords and tenants.

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For further information about a tenant’s responsibility in a business premises, visit the government website.


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