We are Litigation Dispute Resolution Solicitors.  Disputes arise in all walks of life and we understand that contentious problems can be stressful, complex and challenging to deal with alone.

Main areas of practice

We can provide expert specialist advice on:-

  • Consumer disputes – including preparing claim forms, defences, witness statements and representation at Court. Additionally, we can assist with alternative dispute resolution including mediation.
  • Contractual disputes – we can assist in all types of contractual disputes and as above assist you with the process from preparing claim forms through to Court representation.
  • Company disputes – disputes among shareholders and directors can occur. We can assist with resolving the dispute, mediation, Court applications and prevention methods including shareholders agreements.
  • Employment disputes – including claims brought by employees and employers alike. We can assist with negotiations, preparing or defending the claim, as well as representation at Tribunal Hearings.
  • Probate Disputes – contesting a Will or not happy with the way the executors have handled the estate.  We can assist both parties.

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