We are Wills & Probate Solicitors. Dealing with your affairs and those of your loved ones can be stressful. Consequently, we are here to help.  Our team can help  make arrangements for estate planning and also administer an estate of a family member or friend at a difficult time.

Main areas of practice

We can provide expert specialist advice on:-

  • Will drafting – we can help you make a valid Will including, discussing your wishes, preparing the Will, and correctly executing. For instance, our solicitors discuss all of your options to help you decide what to do with your assets and safeguard your beneficiaries.
  • Estate planning and tax efficiency – similarly it is important to review your assets and affairs to ensure they are up-to-date with recent laws. We help individuals put plans in place for tax efficiency and appropriate planning.
  • Probate and administering an estate – dealing with the affairs of a deceased friend or love one can be difficult. We frequently help client executors with the administration of an estate and obtaining a grant of representation.
  • Professional executorships – clients often decide to instruct us as professional executors to handle their estate on death and we are happy to assist.
  • Probate disputes – if you are excluded from a Will or disagree a Will was validly executed, a dispute may arise. We can assist the claimant and the estate. Above all, our team aim to deal with this sensitive dispute constructively and cost effectively.
  • Swearing oaths and statutory declarations – our solicitors can support you prepare an oath or statutory declaration and signing/swearing the document.

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